Jan 07

Why Insider Threats Are Inevitable

By Karen A. Frenkel

CIO Insight


The majority of surveyed security professionals, 62 percent, said insider threats have grown during the last year, according to a new report. A combination of factors are at play: 53 percent attribute the rise to insufficient data protection strategies and solutions, 50 percent point to the proliferation of sensitive data moved beyond the firewall on mobile devices, and 50% note a lack of employee training and awareness.


The survey, conducted by Information Security Group, “Insider Threat Spotlight Report,” included 500 cyber-security professionals and examined commonplace security practices, what employees know about their company’s data security and suggested next steps IT teams should engage in to stave off security breaches. The research was sponsored by Watchful Software, Bitglass, Dell Software, Fasco, LightCyber, HEAT Software, ObserveIT, Palerra, RES Software, and Sergeant Laboratories. “It’s important to take stock of the magnitude of the cyber-breach problem today as we continue to face data breaches of ever-increasing size and regularity,” said Charles Foley, chairman and CEO of Watchful Software.









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