Highly trained consultants from the U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities.

office_of_strategic_services_insignia-svgThe Raven Group is a Corporate Counterintelligence (CCI) & Cybersecurity consulting firm. We help our clients identify and mitigate CCI, Cybersecurity, and general security risks to personnel, clients, trade secrets and data. The Raven Group maintains a broad network of highly trained consultants from the U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities.  Corporate Counterintelligence is the business of protecting your people, your clients, and your information. CCI addresses the realities of today’s human threat to your business equities, in a modern cyber environment, to include everything from network hacking, scams & confidence schemes, corporate espionage, insider threats, and acts of terrorism.

As cyber defenses improve, and as networks become more difficult to penetrate, the people with access to information stored on computer systems will increasingly be seen as the weakest link in security systems. By default these people will become targets to gain access to your systems.

north-star-logo-clipart-nn31gg-clipartCyber crimes are typically viewed as something that only technical personnel can address, but cyber threats are a much more diverse issue and can originate from many places. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Security Officers, and legal teams will need the help of corporate counterintelligence (CCI) experts if they hope to protect their companies.

403px-british_commandos_patchCompanies today are increasingly prepared to defend against attacks from the purely physical and cyber realms through basic physical security measures and cyber security protections. But most U.S. companies today completely fail to address the human threat.

Raven’s exerts will provide your company with a tailored, in-depth assessment of risks and recommended tools for ongoing mitigation. Protecting against all threats – cyber, physical, and human – Raven’s consultations provide the most comprehensive equity protection available today.