Employee CCI Training

imageCCI 101 – Level 1 Employee CCI Training:

This course is designed for all employees who are new to CCI concepts. An 8-hour program provides a basic introduction to CCI concepts, applications to daily business, and introduces self-monitoring and reporting concepts.  This program touches on traveling securely and best practices for safeguarding sensitive proprietary information and sensitive client data.  Employees will leave this course with an appreciation for the risks and an understanding of basic mitigation measures. This course also provides a module on response to an Active Shooter and Hotel Attacks.


CCI 201 – Level 2 Employee CCI Training:


Designed for your mid-grade employees and first-line managers, this training is ideal for employees at the 5-10 year mark, who have already completed our introductory training program.  This 8-hour course will go deeper into CCI, including a module on incorporating CCI into supervisory practices.  Supervisors will understand how low morale relates to higher CCI risks and will receive guidance on how to manage risk from within their ranks.  Employees at this level are likely to have more access to data and greater responsibility for handling sensitive company information – CCI-201 will help them ensure they are doing everything possible to protect your company equities. Included is a module on response to an Active Shooter and Hotel Attack.