Cutting-Edge AI to Monitor Security & Surveillance Video

Shadow Dragon autonomously monitors surveillance video and alerts you to threats and other situations as defined by the clients.  Powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Shadow Dragon has machine vision capabilities that are second to none.  With facial recognition and 1,000+ object recognition categories, it is a true force multiplier for security video surveillance, overhead imagery, and overhead full motion video (FMV). 

Shadow Dragon processes the streaming or historical video and provides a full transcript of what it contains.  Alerts can be established for certain object types such as weapons, or people. Specifics can be highlighted – such as a Jeep Cherokee or a specific license plate – and defined actions or events such as fights, riots, or other dangerous actions can trigger alerts and tracking.  Instead of having security personnel staring at hours of video, Shadow Dragon can “watch” the video and alert when something important or dangerous happens. 

Shadow Dragon is also able to tag and track objects, people, and faces through multiple video streams. It is highly effective with standard video and can also process feeds from Infrared, LiDAR, multispectral, and many other types of video and light sensors.  With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) it can read licenses plates, signs, banners, and other printed media, analyzing and assessing them as well.  Likewise Shadow Dragon can “hear” and provide a transcript of any audio associated with the video surveillance.

If you utilize security video surveillance for buildings, events, stadiums, or otherwise Shadow Dragon is a true force multiple.  With the advent of drone technology and overhead FMV, Shadow Dragon provides lightning fast autonomous analytical capabilities.