A capability like nothing else available today!


The information age has impacted strategies and tactics for Global Security Operations, Cybersecurity Professionals, Executive Protection Agencies, Transportation Security Teams, and Fraud and Loss Prevention Professionals. Scanning the web for data and information is no longer sufficient in gathering real or actionable intelligence to protect your assets and your people. Investing the time and resources to manually examine social media channels, the dark net, the deep web, messaging applications and many other data sources for corporate security, is both manpower intensive and ineffective as threats range from cyber, human, physical, and reputational.  

Prometheus, powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence, gives security professionals and corporate officers an unsurpassed advantage by combing millions of data sources to identify issues or gather information on emerging situations specific to their needs.  Combined with this, Raven also offers professional intelligence analysis by our cadre of former CIA Intelligence officers, with decades of experience to help you interpret and digest the tailored intelligence collected. 

This end-to-end solution can identify and analyze critical information from a broad range of data sources to fit your needs and specific circumstances.  With customizable visualizations and real-time alerts, Prometheus enables you to better prepare your team to handle any threats or concerns to your people, assets, or reputation.

Whether you are focused on security at a static location, providing personal protective services moving around the world, defending corporate or private networks, or defending brand reputation & sentiment, Prometheus can adapt and provide the critical information you need.

Prometheus defensive intelligence is obtained by a collection of proprietary friendly software robots that provide real-time intercept capabilities while asynchronously scouring the Internet & darkweb in search of threats, malicious activities, persons of interest and other information as defined by the client and Raven.

Through Prometheus, Raven provides both real-time and predictive intelligence as well as historical intelligence analysis to our commercial clients.  Our ability to obtain information from such a board area enables Raven to give our clients the most advanced, and customized threat and predictive intelligence available today – be they cyber, physical, insider, or reputtional  threats!