Intelligent Measures of Marketing Effectiveness

Understanding how your marketing and messaging are being received by the public and your fans / consumers drives your strategy.  Just tracking “likes” and surveys doesn’t give you the entire story of how your messaging is being viewed.  Click counting and other generic metrics are helpful but don’t provide the real sentiment and emotional insight into how the public views your marketing materials.

Mercury™ is powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has a highly sophisticated and unique Sentiment & Emotional Detection & Analysis (SEDA) capability. Going far beyond the measure of like or dislike, SEDA identifies a range of emotion and sentiment in text, images, video, and audio content.  Combined with organic Automatic Language Detection & Translation (ALD&T), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, Machine Hearing, Predictive Analysis, Link Analysis, and Pattern Analysis, Mercury™ delivers valuable insights on the effectiveness of marketing messaging.  Mercury™ combs through social media, the internet, the deep web, and thousands of data sources to find and analysis messages, postings, and other discussions about your brand, marketing campaigns, and other facets of your franchise. 

Armed with this information you can quickly adjust campaigns, strategies, and materials to gain better results.  Public perceptions of professional sports teams is dynamic and can change quickly. Identifying these influencers early allows your marketing team to pivot and make the best informed decisions possible.