Utilizing cutting edge technology and specialized tools, our experts will provide valuable assessments of your network security, security awareness programs, and social engineering susceptibility. In order to make calculated decisions on applying resources, executives must understand where their risks are and how best to mitigate those risks. Raven’s cadre of experts can identify the security risks facing your company today!

Network Security Assessments

External Vulnerability Scans (EVS):  Understanding where the weaknesses in your network security are allows you to take corrective action accurately and quickly. Our EVS provides an outside look at your network to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas. This gives you a first look at what hackers see when probing your network.

Internal Security Posture Assessment (ISPA):  Knowing is you have dormant malware, active compromises, dormant exploits, and other vulnerabilities is critical to network security. The ISPA is a precise analysis, conducted internally of your company domains and IT systems. It produces a highly accurate heat map of your network and provides remediation recommendations.

Network Penetration Testing:  To ensure your network security is operating properly and all the vulnerabilities have been resolved, let our team of experts conduct a network Penetration Test top verify your security.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing:  Employees, vendors, and contractors are the weakest link in the security chain since they maintain legitimate access to your network, trade secrets, and other confidential information. Our seasoned experts can conduct Social Engineering Penetration Tests to identify if your employees are properly trained to handle real-world attempts to breach your company.

Security Awareness Programs

More than ever employees are the critical link in any security program.  Companies of all sizes and business sectors have suffered data breaches and losses due to the compromise of employee credentials, or employee security mis-steps.  Ensuring you have a well functioning and focused Security Awareness program is critical.  Raven’s experts will examine you current program and develop tailored modifications to ensure you stay up-to-date and focused on your company’s specific needs.  If you do not have a Security Awareness program Raven’s team of expert consultants will design a tailored program for you.

Security Audit Programs

Ensuring your security programs and systems stay up-to-date require routine audits and assessments.  Focusing these audits and assessments to be as efficient as possible and limit resource expenditures is critical.  Raven’s consultants can design a focused Security Audit and Assessment Program to ensure your company maintains good visibility on security programs and systems.