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Protecting Executives & Public Figures

The Raven Group | 02 January 2018

The Challenges

Privacy and security were topics of great concern for many in 2017, and as we move into 2018 these concerns will only grow stronger.  Through the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, digital communications, the global economy, and so many other connections, there is good reason for these concerns.  Celebrities, public figures, politicians, executives, high net-worth individuals, professional athletes, and others are increasingly targeted by criminals and terrorists. 

In the past, these people of notoriety and fortune have hired executive protection firms for physical security, and limited their publicly available information to increase their privacy.   In the digital age this is no longer sufficient nor possible.  Threats surface from all areas today.  Confidence schemes, hackers, cyber stalkers, criminals, terrorists, rivals, “paparazzi”, and others pose threats to public figures and high net-worth individuals.  Now more than ever, understanding what threats you face – and how best to mitigate those threats – is increasingly critical to personal protection and privacy.

Executive Protection

Executive protection firms work diligently to protect their clients.  Carefully planning transportation and routes, “reading crowds”, and being well trained in defensive and offensive skills are just a few of the skills employed by protection firms to safeguard their clients.  Many of these protective agents have military or law enforcement backgrounds.  In the military or federal services, they had access to vast intelligence resources to arm them with information about threats and the adversaries they faced.   Having intelligence collection focused specifically on threats to a client, provides a drastic advantage and enables protection agents to avoid danger and problems vice having to react to it.

Likewise, many high net-worth individuals – including professional athletes, TV personalities, politicians, and executives – do not employ protective services.  Their profile does not require this but still they face threats given their net-worth, position, and public image.  Be it hackers looking to pilfer personal or business bank accounts, confidence schemes leading to extortion, or physical threats of violence or kidnapping, high net-worth individuals, public figures, and executives must take precautions.  Knowing the threats facing you, and understanding your adversaries, allows you to make well informed decisions and take the steps to protect yourself, your family, your business, and your interests. 

Protective & Defensive Intelligence

The terms Protective Intelligence and Defensive Intelligence have been talked about more and more.  The goal of both are to collect useful intelligence, specific to the person or group being protected or defended, that provides advanced warning of danger – be it physical, cyber, or reputational danger.  Armed with this information in advance, those being protected – and those charged with providing protection services – can make the best-informed decisions and avert problems. 

Protective or Defensive Intelligence is obtained through many traditional sources and methods.  Human Intelligence (HUMINT), media outlets (OSINT), social media, ground truth collection, communications channels (SIGINT), and other sources are places to obtain defensive intelligence.   The key is understanding and identifying what intelligence is needed, finding a way in which to collect it, and analyzing or interpreting the intelligence properly.  Today there are growing sources of information available as so much information is digitized in everyday life.  With this vast amount of data comes the challenge of collecting it, and finding within it the relevant intelligence you need.  Some private security and intelligence firms hire armies of employees to search and sort through information on the internet, social media, and the news.  While these services have their merits, they only scratch the surface and rarely provide predictive intelligence on real threats.  Other firms provide surveillance and counter-surveillance in advance of the protectee.   This is a time-tested technique that has proven to be highly effective, but highly manpower intensive and not very agile. 

Public figures and high net-worth individuals need detailed intelligence on the threats facing them.  Specifics about adversaries targeting them gives these individuals the advantage and allows them to make well-informed decisions for both personal security and the success of their business and brand.  Knowing if cyber actors are surveilling them and discussing tactics to pilfer personal or corporate bank accounts, being informed in advance of criminals planning to kidnap a loved one for ransom, identifying denigration campaigns on social media designed to harm personal or corporate reputations, and understanding in real-time the sentiment in various groups to personal or corporate brands are some of the hallmarks of a strong defensive intelligence program.  It is much more cost effective to contract defensive intelligence & security services, vice trying to recover from the harm of theft, extortion, physical violence, and degradation of personal and company brands. 

Raven’s Expert Solution

Raven offers the most detailed and effective protective & defensive intelligence collection, analysis, and consultation services.  Raven’s expert consultants are former CIA & DoD Intelligence Officers, and Federal Law Enforcement officers with decades of experience combating threats of every type around the world.  Utilizing proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Raven collects tailored intelligence from across the dark net, internet, social media, global news outlets, various adversary communications channels, and thousands of other sources around the world.  This proprietary AI combs through billions of pieces of information, identifying specific protective & defensive intelligence relative to the client.  This allows Raven to collect a vast amount of information and quickly identify intelligence of value for their clients’ specific needs. 

Raven’s consultants tailor collection plans for each client to fit their daily life, business, travel, family dynamic, and consideration of many other factors.  Leveraging decades of experience and expertise, Raven’s team of analysts and consultants monitor each client’s defensive & protective intelligence collection.  Ensuring clients gain the most, Raven’s consultants provide both analysis and insight to identify potential threats and pitfalls, as well as steps to mitigate these things before they become problems.  Raven’s consultants work directly with clients and provide them specific intelligence and recommendations to fit their particular situation.  They can also work with executive protection firms to provide detailed intelligence for clients and insights & intelligence to help protective agents on the ground.


The Raven Group provides unsurpassed Defensive Intelligence Collection & Analysis services for corporate and private clients.  Raven also offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for video and audio monitoring & analysis.  Utilizing cutting edge technology and decades of experience, Raven gives clients a means to greatly enhance their security posture and knowledge.

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