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Protective & Defensive Intelligence

By: Raven | 28 January 2018


As our economy moves along at a steadily increasing pace, success is being realized by many different sectors.  Profits are increasing and companies are expanding, but security threats are growing as well.  In 2016 and 2017 we saw an increase in cyber-attacks that gained access to corporate networks using employee credentials, either stolen or bought.  Now that various safeguards have begun to take hold, criminals have changed their tactics.  The re-emergence of the CEO-scam is one example, and other scams and direct crimes are others.  Criminals continue to alter their tactics to circumvent security systems and to account for new technology. 

In the US there were 23 kidnapping for ransom (KFR) incidents in the last 24 hours.  Some involved parental disputes but others involved extorting high net-worth individuals (HNI) and corporate executives.  These HNIs and executives were specifically targeted and the KFRs involved their children, spouses, or loved ones.  Some were KFR scams where the victim was convinced their loved one was kidnapped while in reality their loved one was safe the entire time.  Executives may be targeted since their position and authority gives them access to corporate accounts, trade secrets, and other things of value that are very enticing to criminal groups. 

Far too often companies, executives, and HNIs wait until they have been victimized to properly assess the threats they face and mitigate these risks.  Often times risk assessments provided from different security firms are generic or involve allot of the assessor’s ”gut instincts” vice specific intelligence about your company, your family, and your specific situation.  Most executives and entrepreneurs use numerous data points and tools to help them understand their market, their company, and their competition in order to be successful.  With corporate security, executive security, or security for HNIs a similar approach should be utilized.  Assuming you have no threats because you have seen no evidence of them, assumes you have access to the information needed to make that ascertain.  On December 6th 1941 the US Government didn’t think there were any threats to Pearl Harbor, but it was attacked the next day none the less.  This crystalized the need for a strong intelligence collection capability for the US Government.  Don’t wait until your December 8th to get the intelligence you need to make well informed security decisions.   


Companies, HNIs, people of notoriety & worth, and security professionals must have access to the right information to make informed decisions about their security.  Protective, or Defensive, Intelligence is specific to the individual, family, or company being protected or defended.  In today’s digital world this type of intelligence should include collection from social media, the dark web, criminal & adversary communication channels, physical domain sources, internet event monitoring, and a number of other sources.  This can produce a mountain of information which can be condensed into highly accurate and usable Protective and Defensive Intelligence by professionals intelligence consultants.  Knowing that criminals are planning a CEO scam against your company, steal credentials to your corporate network, attempt a KFR of your loved one, or are targeting your executive to elicit trade secrets from is essential to aligning your security resources appropriately. 

Forewarned is Forearmed!



Raven is a Corporate Counterintelligence & Cybersecurity firm that provide Protective and Defensive Intelligence for companies, executives, HNIs, and others.  Powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Raven’s Protective & Defensive Intelligence is second to none and provides 24/7 coverage.  Raven’s cadre of former CIA and DoD Intelligence Officers provide our clients with expert analysis and recommendations for remediation of threats of all types – Human, Cyber, & Reputational.  Contact Raven today for an initial consultation about our intelligence and consultative services.  (sales@theravengrp.com | www.theravengrp.com | 360-558-7382)






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