Raven assists companies, State governments, and individuals across all business sectors to identify and mitigate Corporate Counterintelligence (CCI) risks.

Not one size fits all – Raven’s services are precisely tailored to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to operate and succeed securely.  Raven employees dedicated their lives to protecting our nation against threats of every nature.  Let us bring that expertise to your company.


blue-technologyUS technology companies face a wide range of adversaries in today’s global market. Foreign competitors are creatively seeking to steal trade secrets from US firms. Whether to avoid the expense of R&D or to sabotage their competitors, foreign governments and companies view US technology firms as prime targets.  The FBI has seen a sharp rise in economic espionage cases aimed at U.S. companies in recent years. In the past year alone, the FBI has seen a “53% increase in economic espionage casesor the theft of trade secrets leading to the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars,” from US firms.

One of the most concerning trends is the rise of “insider threats.” This is where foreign adversaries target employees who are familiar with the inner workings of a particular technology. Foreign agents use a variety of methods to target employees, to include elicitation of critical information from an employee who is not even aware they are being manipulated. Foreign adversaries have been seen to patiently collect snippets of crucial data over a period of years, ultimately using these collected details to recreate a company’s proprietary data, intellectual property, or critical security protocols. Other times, adversaries and competitors will knowingly target employees with a grudge or vulnerability. The result of either approach is irreversible damage to a company’s reputation, product line, and consumer confidence.

6ceb8e_394cd7f7b87343cf8c1bd096f0c92f1eTechnology firms are better protecting themselves against rising cyber threats, but they still fail to account for the critical role their employees play in protecting against attacks. The FBI has noted that, “70% of cyber incidents have contained a “human factor.” These may be as simple as initial contact between an adversary and employee beginning via email or social media and then transitioning to a personal relationship. All the cyber security protocols in the world will not protect against the one junior employee that shares his password with an adversary posing as a friend.



BioTech / AgriTech

bio-tech-3BioTech and AgriTech companies remain a high priority target for industrial espionage. Many foreign governments and companies view US firms as key sources of biotechnology and agricultural technology and actively seek to sabotage or steal US trade secrets.

US innovation in biotechnology is highly sought after by foreign governments for use in their defense sector and for economic gain. Likewise many adversaries, whose goal is to increase crop productions and gain a competitive edge over US firms, seek agricultural technology.  Biotech and Agritech companies successfully use lawyers to protect their IP from counterfeiting or illegal reproduction; however, law firms are reactive, not proactive. They are not equipped to protect against bio-tech-2theft of information, rather respond once damage has already occurred.

Through the use of elicitation, bribery, and targeting of employees, foreign adversaries creatively seek to steal sensitive data from companies. In one example, a Chinese business elicited information over the period of several years from a variety of a company’s employees. These seemingly innocent interactions between company employees and this foreign firm resulted in the acquisition of enough information for the Chinese firm to recreate the agricultural technology produced by this firm. The acts of espionage were discovered too late – although the perpetrators were ultimately arrested, the US Company lost billions in revenue and technology.


Private Equity Firms, Investment Firms & Hedge Funds

trade secrets concept on document folder

In the highly competitive world of capital management, your reputation is your business. Securing your client data, making wise investment strategies, and ensuring you know your investments, clients and partners are essential to your firms’ success. There is no room for error in this fast paced business sector. Are you doing all you can to guard your sensitive information and vet your new investments, clients and partners?


With the ever-evolving global market, US capital management firms are prime targets for foreign agents and competitors to acquire economic information of value. This could be for economic gain or to undermine a particular client’s success. These same actors may also try to surreptitiously use capital management firms to influence investments in an effort to promote geopolitical goals or circumvent sanctions. Raven is ready to provide a tailored CCI program for your firm to safeguard your confidential information and take a proactive approach to protect your clients, employees, and proprietary resources.

Likewise, let our expert analysis and consultants assist your decision-making process but providing political risk analysis and due diligence.  Our staff has decades of experience around the world in collecting information and analyzing it in order to protect our nation.  Let us bring that expertise to aid you in vetting your investments, clients, and partners.


Defense contractors face a plethora of threats from foreign agents looking to obtain American defense technology and secrets. Building and maintaining a solid reputation is critical to securing coveted contracts and maintaining business success.  Cleared defense contractors have to protect classified and proprietary information on all fronts – ensuring physical and infrastructure security, continually vetting employees with clearances, and complying with USG regulations on protections of classified data.

The US Government is strengthening its posture against adversaries, beginning with an expansion of NIPSOM requirements for its cleared defense contractors. Newly released requirements mandate that CDCs implement a robust insider threat program. Is your firm prepared to address these new regulations? Raven is. Let us assist in designing, implementing, and operating a comprehensive Insider Threat program for your company.




Manufacturing companies remain a high priority target for foreign adversaries and industrial espionage. US companies are on the forefront of new manufacturing techniques and technologies. Foreign adversaries seek to replicate, steal, or sabotage advances made by US firms. Through recruitment of insiders, breaching physical security to sabotage or steal, or manipulation of unwitting employees, adversaries are creatively targeting US companies.

Protection of your company’s secrets is the responsibility of all employees, yet not all employees are even aware of the risks. Your logistics and administrative officers make critical decisions regarding infrastructure expansion, yet they are almost never educated about the risks they face when operating overseas or working with foreign entities.

US firms with manufacturing interests overseas also face political risks. Foreign governments seek to manipulate politics and economics to their advantage when interacting with US firms. They harass local employees and threaten the overall security of your production lines. Raven will ensure your executives are well prepared against these threats when traveling, through a comprehensive CCI program.


State Governments

oregon_state_capitol_1State Governments increasingly interact with companies, trade delegations, and foreign governments in the international marketplace. While working diligently to promote trade, partnerships, and investments in their state economies, state government officials also open up their employees and constituents to Corporate Counterintelligence and security threats. Foreign governments use trade delegations and foreign companies to infiltrate US firms in an effort to influence policy, steal valuable trade secrets and proprietary information, or potentially sabotage US industry efforts in innovation.

federal-vs-stateState government officials and employees are also traveling aboard at an increased rate, in order to promote their state and encourage economic growth. State employees do not usually receive the same degree of preventive and protective training that their federal counterparts receive.  Representatives and employees are therefore left more vulnerable to risks when traveling abroad and interacting with foreign officials at home.

Raven’s cadre of seasoned consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help your state agencies protect their employees, constituent trade secrets, and maintain sound CCI. This ensures your state agencies can continue to carry out the people’s work without risking critical equities.


Public Figures & Senior Executives

1057506_1280x720Today’s most successful corporate executives and public figures are increasingly subject to public and media scrutiny. These high profile individuals find themselves at greater risk than ever before from adversaries seeking to create scandals, invade privacy, and even cause physical harm.  While security programs seek to protect executives and public figures from traditional hazards, they fall short in addressing insider threats and political risks in a rapidly changing threat dynamic.

142_m20120816-17262-19siizzRaven experts will take a holistic look at an individual’s personal and professional profile, making recommendations to ensure protection of every aspect of the figure’s life. The most exclusive figures can receive regular, personalized CCI briefings and tailored training to personally protect themselves against physical harm.  Raven also works with security and protective details to integrate CCI profiles effectively.  Executives and public figures not only face increased risk, but they are viewed as role models for many. Our executive training programs will ensure executives and public figures are well prepared to face every risk.


Healthcare Industry

healthcare22The healthcare industry has increasingly become a target for cyber attacks in an effort to gain bulk data on patients and medical technology. As cyber defenses improve, and as targets become more difficult to penetrate, the people with access to information stored on computer systems will increasingly be seen as the weakest link in security systems. By default these people will become targets to gain access to the computer systems.

Cyber espionage is typically viewed as something that only technical personnel can address, but cyber espionage is a much more diverse threat and can originate from many places. Chief information security officers will need the help of corporate counterintelligence (CCI) experts if they hope to protect their companies.

clarke_slideshowEmployees are a critical part of an employer’s defenses against threats. Many companies provide training in cyber security, such as warnings about phishing and social engineering, but rarely do they cover traditional espionage threats and tactics. This frequently leaves the majority of workers unprepared to guard against human intelligence threats. Defending a company against sophisticated corporate adversaries and state actors will only be possible with a well-informed workforce and proactive CCI systems.