About Us

The Raven Group maintains a network of consultants with backgrounds from the US Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement, utilizing powerful cutting edge technology, to provide the right team to meet our client’s Counterintelligence and Security challenges and needs.

Our hallmarks include:

  • securityUnsurpassed Depth of Industry Experience
  • Height of Confidentiality and Discretion
  • Unwavering focus on Customer Service
  • Broad Base of consultants to provide the exact expertise needed
  • Build on Existing Security, Minimizing Resource Use


Our services can include:

  • Prometheus Defensive Intelligence Collection & Analysis
  • Peregrine Autonomous Video Monitoring
  • Lighthouse Social Media Threat Monitoring
  • Janus Protective Intelligence
  • Mercury Measure of Marketing Effectiveness
  • OverWatch Credential Monitoring
  • Other Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions