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Intelligence and Decision Making for Government & Corporate Leaders

The Raven Group | 24 Nov 2017

Today the world is connected in an increasing number of ways.  Our lives are more digital than ever before.  We leave a trail of data in most everything we do.  The web pages we visit, social media interactions, geo-locational information, and so many other sources tell the story of our lives each day.   This is not just true in the highly developed world of the U.S.  In much of the developing world they have skipped the infrastructure we take for granted, and moved directly into the information age.  In sub-Sahara Africa it is easier to gain access to the internet via a smart phone than to find paved roads.  In Afghanistan people send emails and post on social media from villages that have no electricity and no sanitation.  The information age has connected us all far more rapidly than other technologies or developments.  

This has impacted strategies and tactics for the US Military, Law Enforcement, Security Operations Professionals, Investigative Professionals, Cybersecurity Professionals, Executive Protection Agencies, Transportation Security Teams, and Corporate Executives.  While there is more data available than ever before, the massive volume of data can be overwhelming.  

In today’s fast paced world, security & defense professionals and Governmental & Corporate leaders need to assess information from a wide range of areas to enable their tactical, operational, and strategic decisions.  Information gathered from social media, the dark web, messaging applications, video & audio streams, global news media, and thousands of other data sources are critical to decision making, be they security & defense related, political, brand reputation, or corporate development.  Much of this information is readily available, but the breadth has grown exponentially in recent years making the task of not just finding information, but finding the right information so critical.  

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one solution.  Developing true machine learning that can not only search for information, but identify information relevant to the need is the real goal.  Doing this in near real-time, from so many data sources, is the challenge that many companies are trying to solve.  Only a few have been successful to date.  Once the relevant intelligence from all of these sources is obtained, it must be analyzed and assessed by experts, who can provide recommendations and courses of action to take.

Information has always been critical to good decision making.  Today’s world is so connected and dynamic that it is not just intelligence that is sought by government and corporate leaders, but the right intelligence with expert analysis and assessments.  Staying ahead of events and being armed with the right information & assessments is key not only in governmental circles, but corporate board rooms as well.  


The Raven Group offers unsurpassed Defensive Intelligence Collection & Analysis services for corporate and private clients.  Raven also offered Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for video and audio streaming / recordings.  Utilizing cutting edge technology and  decades of experience, Raven offers clients a means to greatly enhance their security posture and knowledge.  The best defense is a good offense!

Raven also offers special and robust capabilities to law enforcement and government agencies.

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