May 10

Defensive Intelligence: What is it and how do I find it?

The Raven Group | 10 May 2017


Today business owners and executives must defend their companies against criminals and adversaries in many different arenas.  Cyber threats, physical break-ins, corporate espionage and insider threats are just a few of these issues that companies big and small must think about.  The growing issue for most business leaders is data protection which is threatened from cyber hackers, human thieves, and economic espionage agents.  Be it credit card transactions, customer data, client information, Personal Identifying Information (PII), health records, trade secrets, or Intellectual property, most business leaders must consider how to protect their data and by extension their business. 

As cyber threats continue to evolve and grow, and insider threats persist, companies are faced with a plethora of choices in how to protect themselves, their employees, and their customers.  Knowing what the threat is and where your vulnerabilities are is crucial to making the best decisions for your company.  Just as a fighter in the ring, you look for clues to tell you if you should bob or weave.  Defensive intelligence is something that every company needs but few have been able to find.  Having the intelligence and analysis for your company to identify the threats you face and understand how they can impact you is vital to both your cyber and physical security.  


Defensive Intelligence

Until recently businesses have been left to make their best “guess” as to what security challenges pose a real threat to them.  Generic threat intelligence typically just gives you a broad understanding of all threats but does not specify what your company’s threats are.  However, today a new resource is available. The Raven Group, a corporate counterintelligence consulting firm, offers companies tailored defensive intelligence collection and analysis via their Prometheus program. 

How would your security improve if you knew that hackers had obtained your accountant’s user name and password through social engineering and were discussing a plan to steal funds from your corporate accounts?  Would you rest easier if you could identify social media posts from a criminal group where they discuss how they had compromised your employee and were quietly stealing your customer’s PII?  How would your decision-making change if you knew that nefarious elements were beginning to collect information on your company? 

Business executives need to focus their efforts on running their company.  They rightfully worry about cyber threats, physical security, and a host of other threats to their business, employees, and customers.  Getting top notch information is half the solution.  Interpreting & analyzing that information, and developing action plans is something best done by highly trained professionals with the best tools available. 


A New Resource

Prometheus collects intelligence via a high-performing friendly computer robot that looks across the internet, dark web, and many other data sources from around the world to collect specific intelligence about your company.  This intelligence is triaged by the artificial intelligence (AI) and then analyzed & interpreted by Raven’s expert consultants and analysts who formerly worked in the US Intelligence Community.  Raven brings together this focused collection and expert analysis to identify threats for you.  Taking this intelligence to the next level, The Raven Group provides expert advice to mitigate these issues and remove vulnerabilities. 

Whether it’s a cyber-criminal intent on stealing your data and trade secrets, an outsider or insider with malicious intent against your business or employees, or a potential attacker determined to cause your employees or clients harm, Prometheus provides you with the best source of focused collection, professional analysis, and expert recommendations tailored to your business!

The best defense is a good offense.


The Raven Group is a Corporate Counterintelligence consulting firm that helps companies protect their data, systems, trade secrets, intellectual property (IP), employees, and reputation.  Raven’s consultants of former CIA Intelligence Officer and Federal Law Enforcement Special Agents have spent a lifetime protecting our nation from threats of every kind and are second to none.  Let us bring that expertise to your company.

Raven’s defensive intelligence services are un surpassed.  The best defense is a good offense!

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