May 31

Business Email Compromise – The Solution

The threat landscape for cybersecurity continues evolve.  Independent professionals, small businesses, and large corporations have to consider a wide range of cybercrimes.  In looking at all the various breaches that occur Verizon found that “63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, stolen or default passwords.” Further, Verizon reported that 93% of data breaches occurred within minutes. Knowing your email or other credentials have been compromised is critical to protecting your network, and reputation.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a growing issue.  Cyber criminals compromise an email account, pilfer the information in the account, and use the account to send malware and other nefarious emails to other contacts.  Since the email is from a legitimate contact the recipients not only open it, but also view it as real and are likely to respond with the information requested or act on directions sent.  A cyber-criminal only has to compromise the email account for a short period of time to cause problems.

Email accounts also hold a large amount of valuable information.  Many times, information is communicated and discussed in email and not just in secure file storage. Thus, cyber criminals look to access company email accounts not just to infect systems with malware but also to surreptitiously steal valuable information or pass along fraudulent instructions within a company or group.

How do companies, and professionals, defend against this?  If the credential is valid, and the cyber-criminal uses good tradecraft, detecting their presence can be difficult.  The solution is to identify if the credential is compromised before it is used, and quickly change the password or the entire credential.

OverWatch is a credential monitoring service powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI).  OverWatch scours the internet, darknet, social media, and thousands of other data sources to identify if your domain is breached or user credentials are compromised.  Operating 24/7, OverWatch immediately identifies evidence of compromise and alerts you right away.

Detecting compromises and breaches quickly allows you to react!  With 24/7 monitoring, and immediate alerts, you will be prepared to protect your data and your company!







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