Corporate Counterintelligence (CCI) programs specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs with continuous operations and analysis for your management.

CCI Health Check

ra-v2The Raven Group provides a confidential and discreet Corporate Counterintelligence (CCI) Health Check for clients.  Our expert consultants will assess your company to determine potential CCI vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats.  Through meeting with your leadership and employees we will deliver to you an assessment of your CCI posture and recommendations to improve preparedness, early warning, and countermeasures.

Corporate Counterintelligence Threat Assessment

vulnerability-assessments1The Raven Group will conduct a confidential assessment to identify potential CCI threats in the areas your company is doing business.  This will focus both on the geographic areas as well as business sector.  While not as comprehensive as a CCI Health Check, the CCI Threat Assessment provides an update on current and emerging CCI trends from a geographical and industry perspective.